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Thursday, February 2, 2012

 I forgot to finish the first blog....Can you tell this is new to me....sssssoooo sorry....was going to share how wonderful the lunches were at Leadership and closed the post and forgot to post the picture...Here it is:  The presentation was wonderful....Stampin Up does everything to inspire and motivate...the desert was yummy!!

I was so excited to be able to attend my first Leadership Convention with Stampin Up....the fact that I could share it with Diane  Squires from Jasper, Ga and all of our buds(two new ones) was great.  Monika Davis went to her first Manager Reception.....YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!   She has adopted me as her downline.  I drive to Ga for her meetings every couple of months.   What a gracious and kind lady!! My roomie was Linda Madison also from Ga.   Will share some of the pics from our stay and some of the roomie gifts .  Stampin Up really motivated me more...my goal is to make Manager by convention!!  I want to attend the Manager Reception with Monika next year!!

Diane has been trying to help me with my blog.  I had an appt as did Diane....Murphy's Law...things never go as  planned.  Left AL at 7:30am and got home at 6pm....just in time for someone to pick up their order:)  We met at McDonald's in Dallas, Ga only to find out that their internet was down.  We then went to Starbucks further down the road. Since Diane has a MAC and I have Windows, problem number one....since Diane is a techie and I am not....problem number two....lol.  Seriously, I did learn some things....so bare with me, as I try to perfect this challenge...I should have brought her a nice gift for trying to teach me techie things....now, onto the roomies

Sharing some of the Leadership  roomie gifts:
 Michele Schmidt (Iowa) gave each of us this necklace...isn't it gorgeous!!!  I am doing a class on this within the next two months,so will share what we did at that time. She used the hostess paper on mine...absolutely love that paper!!
Linda Madison wrapped large candy bars (there WAS a candy bar in there..LOL)       and this receipt holder for tax purposes (This was scary....we had never roomed together and she saw how my convention  receipts were on a paper clip...how did she know that this was needed....great ESP!!)

Monika Davis (GA....my adopted upline...I am so Blessed!!) made us each a desktop calendar. To be truthful, this isn't the calendar...one similar that Monika and Cindy Schuster did in their MDS retreat last Fall.  I gave the one Monika gave me to my downline for her recent promotion to Senior Associate.

 (bag closed)
Becky Lambie (PA....from my previous neck of the woods) made this wonderful jewelry travel holders out of SU fabric
Becky's daughter crimped a candy bar...yep, that is gone too...lol...guess I should have taken my pictures earlier...

Diane Squires (GA) made a cute little bag and filled it with Valentine socks, emery board and some anti-bacterial.
My gift was bag tags using MDS...here is a picture of mine...using Summer Splendor DSP with the luggage tags from Karen Sullivan's bulk buys.
Also a mini chocolate purses...they came out great!!  I will show you that tomorrow...and how  to make it ....Have a wonderful, delightful day!!  Hug the ones you love!!