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Monday, May 21, 2012

Tea Shoppe...no name on swap

There was no name on this swap from Leadership....I just love the card and wish I knew who to give credit to.....the only think I changed was the paper...love the dutch fold....have a wonderful blessed day...


  1. love this project Fran! looks like I'm already a follower of your blog
    sherrill graff see you at our late Night Stamper events in July! istmpnv@aol.com

  2. Hi Fran, I don't know why your swap didn't have a name on it but it sure looks like one I swapped at Leadership, right down to the little flowers stamped in the corners inside and the three little jewelry tags up by the bow! I'm flattered you like it so much! I just happened on your blog from your post on LNS! Have a great day! Carol Payne

  3. Carol.....I will repost on LNS with your name...it was looked at so many times by Monika Davis and our group at Leadership, it may have come out....great card, Carol!! Fran