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Sunday, June 3, 2012

Broke my promise about posting regularly

I feel  sssssooooo bad for not posting on a regular basis....right now I should be cleaning all this white powder in my house.....anything to do rather than tackling that...lol.  Since I last posted, went to Monika Davis's downline meeting in Woodstock, Ga....(and looked at furniture on the way and found one couch but Ga dealer doesn't deliver in AL....seems like that is the norm...lol)  So I walked into Ashley...my whole house will end up being Ashley but not by design.  Just ordered the couch and DR set from Akins in Ft Payne area.  I work with Peggy there....good saleslady ...very efficient!!   So now I will have to get busy and get the painting done before the furniture arrives in a 2-3 wk period...and while I was in there...saw a media center I liked for a small dresser in second bedroom....that wasn't Ashley...lol.  It is a drive for me but well worth it.   Was so excited when I was traveling to Woodstock....there was a great rug place......stopped...empty store...out of business...bummer.   Anne Arnold and her family in Woodstock are so gracious.  When she is in town , I stay with her when Monika (Lenkeit) Davis has a meeting or event.  (There are two Monika Davis's in SU...same spelling too...wonderful lady!!)....these have probably been on Monika's blog but here is what Anne did for one of the make n take's that weekend.....
It is using the new hostess set Carry On...Ann used one of the lucite frames that you get at the Dollar store and put a piece of DSP on the inside( I did something similar using these frames for a craft show...the show was a bust but sold some to my customers...lol) and then she added a piece of the self adhesive magnet sheets (retired) and then other signs were on the magnet strip on the back.  She got the post it notes from Staples..........really cute Anne....so many talented people iin that group...!!

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