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Saturday, April 20, 2013

hostess gift and spring

I had some pansies that had dried out due to the weather but kept them around and they are blooming again...just love the yellow and purple together

 Azaleas are starting to bloom and really need cut back to say the least..

 My dogwood tress is starting to fade...due to all the rain, did not see the blooms for long...but ssssoooo gorgeous...
 Finally got the once acre mowed....my regular guy is a senior..so you know what that means...so finally found a boy from church that LLLLLOOOOVVVEESSS earning some money....it looks so clean right now..more rain...hopefully not for awhile...need to wait for 2 weeks to mow if I can...lol
 need to cut the large berry bushes near the fence before the luncheon on Monday...luckily the weather may stay cool for a few days, so maybe I can get it done...
 see the peek of my craft house....
 I made some butterscotch, peanut white chocolate and noodle candy..so good ....can't wait to get it out of the house and in these boxes for my ladies on Monday...Monika Davis did these...will have a tutorial ready later today or in the am...I had to figure out the measurements for the inside box...

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