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Monday, June 10, 2013

Bathroom remodeling / Swallowtail swap card

I am having a bath gutted and enlarged....knocking out a coat closet, as there are four other huge closets in the house....have white dust everywhere...wish I had bought more plastic sheeting....the old insulation is like baby powder for disintegrating....yuck....

A slight miscalculation cost me part of my pantry but the bath was sssssooooo small something had to be done....these two pictures were taken last week...will post some newer ones...taken after I returned from a weekend away...can I just say how wonderful it was to be in another house with less mess for awhile...lol
 This is the swap I forgot at my house....so went to Monika's meeting without my swaps....way too much going on and was not going to turn around for a 4 hr round trip to get them.....it is more colorful in person...black embossed and then sponged...the background is sponged with white craft ink and a scallop piece.....



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