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Monday, January 13, 2014

An example of the two meals served at Leadership

Stampin Up does everything with class...just love this company...this is the food from one of the two meals we were served (third was boxed)..Salad was different from the precious day but really good...
This was the main entree...grilled chicken (Lynn Starzl was upset because there was not any breading...she llllllooooovvveeeesss that stuff..sorry Lynn!) with herbed mashed potatoes and mixed veggies....
The topper was the dessert...a grilled pound cake with raspberries  and sauce...with whipped cream on the side with a piece of strawberry and the white chocolate straw...loved the presentation...since I mistakenly deleted what was in the camera...and gone is the picture with me and Frenchie...love her tutorials...and some other good pictures ...but if anyone sends me a picture of the other meal...will post, especially the dessert ..it was scrumptious!!!!

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