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Friday, July 3, 2015

Making my June paper pumpkin box

Here is the box .....I will try to give you directions .....unfortunately, I played around with the kit so much, I used all the cards....lol....but directions below should help...I guess I will now get two paper pumpkins so that doesn't happen again...lol
You start with this long white card base...it has a point at the end of the card base.   That is the top of my box....

 You take the white card base and score 1 inch on each side of the original score line...this is the bottom of the box...to reinforce the bottom you will also need to cut a piece of white 2 inch by width of the card (4 1/4 inches)......after gluing....score each side another 2.5 inches....that is the side of box when the orange DSP is located....and then you score at another inch on each side...that is the inch part that is below the bow part of the box..  When the flower was punched out , the negative space left had an orange outline...fussy cut that out and turn it over......to the white side...if you take that piece and trace the flower on the orange lining(as are the 1/4 inch pieces near the top of the box), you get the flower.....the white center of the flower was traced on the green lining for the center....the white circles are what is left from the hole punched top....the green stars are leftover from the green banner.

The sides are pieces of white 2.25 x 2.5....score 1/4 inch on three sides...do not score the one 2.25 side....that is the top side....

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