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Monday, May 14, 2012

Autumn Days Share and one from preconvention

Not sure if I am ever going to get to go on another bike ride....got a bike rack and it took me forever to figure it out and put in on my car. Then I spent another hour or two trying to get my bike on the rack..I even got a ladder as the hybrid is heavier than my former racer bike.  I waited until I saw my friends , Nita and Mike on Sunday and then asked them to look at it...Mike is so handy...even though I hate to ask ....I had no clue.  Well, I found out yesterday that Dick's gave me the wrong bike rack.  That figures..lol....will have to take it back (40 miles away) in the morning...bummer!!  Well, enough of the mechanical stuff...lol...onto the better stuff....making cards.....

This was one of the cards that we did during the year for the FROM OUR HEARTS ministries....we do three cards ....10 each of 3 designs.  Martie Shea runs the group...the cards are blank on the inside so that the soldiers can write inside and send them back to their loved ones.  Martie started this ministry a number of years ago...after her son had served his sixth tour in Iraq and mentioned that it was too bad that cards like she made were not available where they were....I have lost count as far as the number of bases the cards are shipping to in Iraq and Afganistan.  If you would like additional information, go to fromourhearts.info 

This was one of the cards that we did last year in the shoebox swap last year...I believe the woman that created this card was Tamara...isn't it gorgeous!!  Love the use of the refills...have a great evening....

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