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Tuesday, May 8, 2012

House updates and Open House

If all goes well, the inspection will be able to sign off on my roof and drywall and the roofer can be paid....finally!!  Had to have the drywall stop over to fix a couple of things before the inspector comes over on Weds ....he was late , so I was late dropping off a raspberry jello dish with sauce at my friend's house.  Thought I would call the doctor to tell his nurse I was running late ...forgot my cell so called from a friend's house. She was going to cancel....this is a 30 min trip one way.....gheez.....so had to wait in the office and didn't get out til ten thirty...9 appt...that is what I get for being 10 mins late.  How come it doesn't work the other way around...I was 10 mins early the last appt and waited an additional 30 mins....(bought some card items to get ready for some of my swaps) .that's life..lol  Have infected ears from a sinus issue...I hate meds...lol...

I am so glad that Joan, my sister, is moving to Florida this month...she never wanted to leave..I know she is ssssssoooo happy about the move....was hoping she would stop for a weekend, but guess I knew that wouldn't happen....we can always hope...

Got a call from a friend last nite....love you ....I was suppose to travel to OH this month but didn't work out...maybe later in the summer.....

My Open House went well Saturday...the big give away was a simply scoreboard with the bag we got at convention....we made two cards.......even though I couldn't get to my dishes because of the mess in my house...the food went pretty well...took the rest to church Sunday.  Had meatballs, punch, chinese coleslaw, frozen strawberry salad, orange cupcakes and celery stuffed with black olives, nuts, dates....too bad I was too busy to take more pictures...had 15 people stop....five stopped Friday nite as they had a previous commitment...family, church....felt a little bad about feeding them, so I got some of the frozen salad..  There is some library punch in the back...notice the nice ice bucket...told you everything was buried.....had 10 on Saturday.  Door prizes were received by everyone who had taken a class and attended Open House...I did it different last yr but thought this was a better way.  Customer appreciation...would like to do it more often....might be able to this year or next.  We did a get well bandaid card and a simple one that had to do with the sizzix doily die and the 2 1/2 inch punch....will show that latter in the week.
These are samples of the box class I will be repeating this month or next...no date set as of yet!!
This is another one of Diane's cards....such a talent..she makes me feel I am in slow gear!!lol!!

After Dancing with the Stars, I will do some cleaning...maybe in two weeks this will be cleaned up....hope so....Can't wait to get my goodies from SU...it would be nice if they came this weekend, but may have to wait until Monday...bummer....love getting packages...feels like Christmas.

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