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Saturday, May 19, 2012

In Georgia at Monika Davis's downline meeting

I have been so blessed  to have Monika as an adopted upline.  I am from Ohio and Michelle  Weinman is my upline .(We communicate online and via mail)  Monika is always so kind and has such wonderful ideas.   I have been to two of her MDS retreat and they were so well worth the expense.  She does the retreat with Cindy Schuster (I think that last name is incorrect spelling)...If you ask Monika , Cindy is the tech person but they both are...obviously, my opinion.  Cindy's work was shown at the digital display at convention.  I travel about two hours to the meetings and sometimes stay overnight at the Hampton in Woodstock.  Lately, Anne Arnold (another one of Monika's adoptees...lol), in Woodstock , has opened her house to me for an overnight...what a great family they are...and love a lot of Anne's creations......................I will be attending one of the those meetings and overnights today and tonight.  I will be taking some pictures at Monika's...to put on my blog when I return....Have a blessed day....

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