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Monday, April 9, 2012

April 27th tornado damage to be fixed

I am sssssoooo happy....the roofers are coming to replace both the craft house and residence roofs.  I am praying that they will be here when they said.   Everyone is on their own time frame here....lol...much slower life style than in Ohio...lol.   There was so much wind damage to both of the roofs that both need to be replaced....I am so fortunate/blessed.   SO many folks lost homes and received much more damage than I encountered.  I had a huge shed in the backyard and a huge railroad tie came from the heavens and landed next to the shed and numerous items and things shredded that roof.  Josie, the grandson of my friend JoLane.....tore the rest of the shed down....I will show you the great result of his work...unfortunately , I did not get a picture of the mess before the tear down...lol...I had tried since after the storm to try to get someone to come look at the roofs so finally had to contact my insurer, Nationwide....they had to send someone to me from GA (I am 15 mins from the border AL/GA)...he told me that the man that put my insulation in the craft house did it wrong, so have to have that done up the road....bummer!!   HATE mechanical things.  Below are some pictures.....including some in the house...water damage...etc.....will deal with that after the roofs!!
Josie even raked the whole area after he and his friend tore the rest of the building down.  You can't really see a lot of the damage from the distance but in the back a good section of the pecan tree was on the porch roof ( I was hiding in a friend's basement 15 miles away on my way back from a card ministry)  I had NEVER experienced this in my life .....semis folded in half on a telephone line..could not believe the devastation!!  The plaster is part of the inside damage.....they put the drywall tape up and then sprayed the popcorn ceiling in the one part of the house....minimal damage in other rooms.

My friend told me that I would never be finished with this house...I told her I was on the 20 yr plan here...lol....a room at a time.....just finished the master bedroom...not the window replacement but the painting/wallpaper removal/spackling and got a new bedroom set with my IRS refund...Nita, a friend, was making fun of me getting so excited about my new bedroom set....told her I hadn't had one in four years....but I really think it is seeing something done ...at least a portion of the house...lol....before and after is below.....need to replace both of the bedroom doors , but the curtains may not go up before I replace the windows....undecided about the walls...have to give it some thought.
Have a wonderful day...hugs...

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  1. Sorry you have to deal with all the damage and I too hope the roofers show up as scheduled. Must feel good to get the master bedroom done. Hope it's a comfy bed. Like the blue. I wanted no blue in my current house because I had blue everywhere in the one we left in Marietta. Going on five years soon so maybe I will add some blue when I get around to repainting.