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Saturday, April 28, 2012

Dealing with Life's little forks in the road

I am so sorry I have not posted since the 19th...bummer.  My three roofs are finished..still am trying to get the rest of the money to the roofer from my mortgage company.........HATE this stuff.  He is calling Monday to demand his monies....which he is entitled to.....word to others....if you have an insurance claim and the money goes to the mortgate company and you...and it will if it is over 10,000 dollars...beware!!   This is new to me to say the least!!   I checked with the insurance company....(the only insurance company that has fully paid all of their claims due to the 2011 April 27th tornadoes)  I was told I could spend whatever amt I wanted to for the roofs, so I got the better roof.(s).  The bank won't release the funds, until the drywall is done...there is not enough funds to finish all the drywall. In addition to that.....the roofer had to sign a affadavit to prevent a  lien ....which he did and now he does not have all his monies .  They accepted the contract I send them which covered all the funds that they had in their possession.  This was to cover the roofs. He is calling Monday to fight with the bank...he wants his funds...told him to go ahead...even gave him the money.

Got an estimate for the drywall....only 2200 more than I have.....hoping to get part of it done and the rest at a later date...

Went for my first bike ride....only two miles but the wind was bothering Nita...we both have allergies...well, at least I got my bike out.   Her hubby, Mike....will fix my hatchback trunk if I get the parts...that is good news!!

A couple of weeks ago....guess it was right after one of my customers, Gloria left....I kept killing honey bees...thought that was strange for a couple days...that day I killed about 20.  I couldn't figure out why....so after Gloria left, I stood in the doorway of the bathrom in my Craft House and heard this large swarming...it was coming from the vent.  Went outside and looked at the side of the house and all these bees were going in this PVC pipe.  Called Cooks....asked if it was an emergency..it was a Saturday night....said I had a class Monday so I needed someone to come out and take care of it.  Waited a few hours  and when they came....was asked if I thought they had been in there for long...said maybe a week.  Since that wasn't long enough for them to build the hive....they dusted it.  I didn't realize that bees come as far as three miles to their hive. It still needs to be caulked...my regular guy said he would get to it.  If the hive has been established , you don't want to dust as the honey will sour and smell....so far, so good.  If there is a honey nest, usually they call in beekeepers to save and move the hone.  Since it was in the rafters, I had no choice.  The other strange thing was the PVC pipe out of the house is for the sewage fumes/gas I guess....but he said that he has never seen one that high...well, I knew this house is unusual....nothing usual has happened so far.  My plumber,Daniel , is the best and he said the plumbing in the Craft House was better than the main house.....until he tried to change the fixtures out for me....guess, it isn't much better...lol

It has been a sad week...I have been visiting my friend Rose at the rehab center in Piedmont.  Saw her Sunday, Wednesday and Thursday.  Thursday she was tired so I didn't stay long but was kidding her about someone not stopping to see her...told her I would call them and give them a talking to...she said Good and laughed!!   Was going to meet a friend over there on Saturday but when Cathy went over the bed was empty but she found out that she had gone back to the hospital.  Rose missed the bed in the middle of the night and laid there until morning....she said she managed to pull the cover over her until someone came to her house the next morning.  She did have COPD and was on oxygen but had a feisty humor and a lot of energy, other than the breathing treatments she gave herself.  I tried on Saturday to find out which hospital....the rehab ctr didn't know.  Between talking to Cathy, calling one hospital and calling the priest...Cathy found out where she was .  I called that hospital but she wasn't taking visitors.   The next morning on the way into church...the deacon asked me if I heard about Rose....said she has been sent to the hospital...he told me she had passed away the night before.  I was so upset and crying so much that I left church right after communion.  What a lady and such a lot of fun....the most positive person I have ever met.  She will be missed!!  How blessed I have been to have her in my life....I know she is with God and in heaven but I will miss talking to her and having her in my card ministry!!  I was planning to run out before the funeral home visitation, and my key got jammed in the lock of my car....................was in auxiliary....couldn't get the key out or turn the car off....called Triple A.  After four hours of waiting, the man showed up....there is no locksmith connected to AAA  in this area....90 dollars later the key was out...had to do with the electrode in the ignition...guess it happens all the time.  Said it was fixed and would never happen again....here's hoping!!    Have a great day....

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